“I had an Akashic reading with Julie that was fantastic. There was so much evidence that showed up as to how I was
living my life and how to be more in love and peace.  Julie’s connection to source is profound. It was very clear what my next steps are and I feel so grateful to have met someone that allows the flow of energy, the word of God to come through.  Thank you so much Julie.”

Kim Marrone     

“My consultation was insightful, caring, and wonderfully comprehensive. I got the information as I needed it to be relayed. What a wonderful gift to share with the world! Thanks Julie!”

M.R., Florida



“My Consultation was very informational and it reinforced some of my previous beliefs and also guided me to let go of some unhealthy beliefs. I know that the information was real because there were things said that only I would have known. Thank you Julie I think everyone should have this experience.”

Dana V.     

“The reading was excellent. The messages provided me with clarity and direction in my life regarding an important decision. Julie helped me with wording my questions to obtain the best clarification of the messages intended for me in this reading. I highly recommend her.”


“It’s a very eye opening and “healing yourself” class, through the connection to Source. You learn to trust your inner guidance and follow it. My thought: “I am not crazy! I can trust the feelings and my intuition.” I highly recommend this class to everybody.”

Sabine Sunshine    

“Ms. Julie is an amazing, wonderful person, who provides a great service with kindness.”