Akashic Records

Clarity & unbiased Guidance toward the potential for best outcomes

What is the
Akashic Records

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the vast Library of our thoughts, actions and experiences. It is the Living History of our Universe and of each of us.

Many ancient cultures and Socio-religious groups openly refer to the Akashic Records. It has been referred to as:

    Book of Life – Christianity
    Book of Remembrance – Jewish
    Repository of Toth – Egyptian
    Etheric Records – Tibetan
    Cosmic Mind/Universal Mind
    Infinite Intelligence

These Etheric Records, once the source of Wisdom and information for Sages and Wise Elders, are now available at this time for our guidance and Enlightenment. Within the Records of the Collective, each individual has their own personal Records or Book of Life.

Book Of Lfe

Within the vast library of The Akashic Records is your Personal Akashic Records also known as Your Book of Life. Your Book of Life is your ally in providing you with unbiased guidance to help you with making Conscious decisions and choices that bring you in better alignment with your life’s purpose and assist in living with more ease and Grace. It provides the best guidance to help you make enlightened choices and leverage future outcomes.

You can consult your Records for guidance on just about anything. This is helpful in both your personal and your professional or business life.

When you open up to working with the Records, you are allowing the Light of the Divine to enter into your Experience and guide you in your choices. Working with the guidance of the Akashic Records is like having an internal GPS that guides you to the potential for best outcomes and the Highest and Greatest Good for yourself and all concerned.


An Akashic Consultation is for spiritual guidance and healing. It is not a forum for expert medical, legal or investment advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals trained in those fields for their expertise.