Spiritual guidance

“In the Realm of Love, we rest in the Wisdom of our Wholeness.”

“Whoever lives in Love lives in God, and God in him.” 
(1 John 4:16)


Julie Genereux is an Akashic Pathways Certified Akashic Records Teacher and Practitioner, and spiritual teacher who enjoys sharing the amazing, Divine gifts of wisdom that come to us through the Akashic Records.

She helps her clients to tap into the infinite wisdom contained in their Book of Life by doing private Consultations, and also by conducting experiential workshops where participants both learn and experience how to access their own Records and the Records for others.

Julie also facilitates classes, events and workshops on topics for Inner Development, Spiritual Growth and the elevation of Consciousness. 

Julie enjoys supporting her clients on their own personal and unique path of spiritual growth and personal empowerment.

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An Akashic Consultation is for spiritual guidance and Healing. It is not a forum for expert medical, legal or investment advice. Please consult the appropriate professionals trained in those fields for their expertise.


"I had an Akashic Reading with Julie this past week and found her to be authentic and compassionate. As a Psychic Medium myself, I know many other practitioners of the divination arts, and can attest to the true skill of Julie and strongly suggest you spend some time with her to delve deeper into the possibilities your life may hold for you."

Susan Morgan
Founder/Mystic Dream Center

"Having a reading with Julie was not only comforting but it was confirming. Julie is incredible and professional in her teachings. The message was clear and helpful. “Julie is truly a powerful resource and a Blessing to be taken with gratitude.”

Sheri Sova
Licensed Financial Coach

"During my reading with Julie, I received confirmation on a very important matter for me. And it felt as though the heavens were opened for the truth to be communicated. Thank you, Julie, for a powerful experience."

Stella Frances
Life Coaching

“As a trained and experienced practitioner of divination arts, I found Julie truly authentic.  Julie helped put many things into perspective for me to understand the concept that we are experiencing a direct reality based on our thought processes.  I feel that I am on a direct Path to Peace, and I will take Julie's wise advice and words with me on my journey.”

Samara D.